The First Nakadashi Heaven (STAR159)

STAR159, Japan, 19 April 2009

Nakadashi -- ejaculation inside a woman -- is a specialty fetish here in Japan that is considered a real treat (and who doesn't consider this to be special?). In a fantastic breakthrough, Hitomi, the former chakuero (near nude) idol turned AV Idol eagerly anticipates the joy of experiencing her first ever nakadashi. Throughout the production Hitomi first experience "riding bareback" is captured, talking about she's nervous about her first ever nakadashi. Delicious first person perspective fucking scene with her lying on bed, you on top, and her breasts bouncing from the motion, dozens of scenes with her legs spread open, Hitomi suited up in sexy T-back clothing, plus being fondled and fucked till her AV actor creams inside her shaved pussy with the camera zooming in as semen drips out of her love hole for you to enjoy! A timeless piece by one of Japan's most popular AV stars. 125 minutes of mind blowing action.


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